#FIAC, Galleries in tune!
Lili Tisseyre

If Emmanuel Macron wanted to salute the dynamism promoted by the Fiac during an evening at the Elysée, this ecosystem rests on the galleries, some of which are weakened by the ever more competitive and powerful mastodons. Intermediate size is often critical in this sector despite remarkable work done on a daily basis.

Spotlight on those who make FIAC Week,

Suzanne Tarasiève and her 40 years of commitment to the German scene

Suzanne retraces this exceptional adventure since her discovery in Berlin of the Metropolis exhibition in 1991 at the Gropius before meeting Fabrice Hergott, then curator at the Centre Pompidou, who introduced her and supported her for her first exhibition Lüpertz/Baselitz. “Insubordinate Expressions” is both a tribute and a manifesto to the audacity and difference with emblematic works

-Hans Peter Feldmann at Martine Aboucaya’s (and at FIAC)

The eccentric proposes a re-reading of the female nude in the history of art with these life-size sex dolls in not so innocent postures. A hot topic!

-The Border is a state of mind by Jérôme Poggi (and FIAC)

At a time of rising walls and identity withdrawals, this collective exhibition: Babi Badalov, Eric Baudelaire, Bady Dalloul, Nikita Kadan, Kapwani Kiwanga, Sophie Ristelhueber and Realistic Society (also at the MAC VAL for Persona Grata) lays the foundations for a different future.

-Mircea Cantor at VNH Gallery

First and ambitious exhibition of the Franco-Romanian artist, winner of the Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2011. From the outside, his colorful arch “Double Rainbow” full of iron brambles warns us. With the video “Aquila non capit muscas” from 2018, from the Latin “The Eagle does not drive away flies” the power of the bird of prey is confronted with a drone, an eminently triumphant symbol. The precision of the details and high quality of the images pushes us to hold our breath. As for his daily practice of drawing on pages of The Economist magazine, there is another collision at work between this subjectivity and the relentless coldness of the state of the world.

-Elmgreen & Dragset at Perrotin (and FIAC), Where is the cool?

While they leave us a little distraught and disappointed by these 100 beached sea stars in Place Vendôme (FIAC Hors les murs), Michel Elmgree and Ingar Dragset deploy the best of their talent at Galerie Perrotin with this vast installation that welcomes us like the ruin of an urban tsunami, this portion of the landscape that floats like an escape from a painting of the sublime and this urban furniture in exchange for employment. As for the diving boards, their verticality makes them useless, while the gleaming bar of a very minimalist spirit is made inaccessible.

-Sophie’s cat died

We share the mourning of Sophie Calle, whose cat died in 2014 after 17 years of living together. A musical ode to lack and absence with the help of a compilation of 3 33-rpm records made with about forty singers and musicians according to its collaborative principle.

-Davide Balula at Frank Elbaz‘s house

Frank Elbaz, who presents in parallel with FIAC Sheila Hicks, offers with Davide Balula a “poetic simulacrum of the current technological era” based on the artist’s research on the brain’s functioning in the face of machine intrusions. The constant flow makes us addicted to excessive stimulation, sms have replaced words, emoji words. The bodily fluids recreated for exposure are like an act of emotional resistance abused by these mechanisms of control.

-Tatiana Found at Kamel mennour

An exhibition in 3 acts, between London (Frieze) and Paris where the studio is perceived as both a physical and psychological space, the artist quoting Bruce Nauman who films his studio at night. A whole world that populates dreams and the unconscious. Remarkable! His recent intervention at the Musée des Beaux Arts in Rennes for the Pinault Foundation was unanimously welcomed.

-Alberto Burri by Tornabuoni Art

A breathtaking panorama of his career, a figure of the Italian and international avant-garde who will have a major influence on Arte Povera but also on American Expressionism. He invents a new language based on his use of atypical materials and their possible transformation.