Dominique Vautrin

#MARSEILLE ATLAS, WHITE NOISE, OSCURANA, Photographs and video of Antoine d’Agata

Until January 13, 2019, La Friche de Marseille presents an installation by Antoine d’Agata with the evocative title: “Nuit Epuisée”.

In reference to the eponymous project of a night of performance at La Friche in February 2018, which brought together encounters, films, images, dance and trance, like a compression of lives.

Antoine d’Agata presented White Noise, a filmography in 10 sequences, shot over 10 years in the world of prostitution: as many sex scenes as despair to fill this cruel reality

Inspired by this night, Antoine d’Agata has been installing since December 7 an installation of his images and videos, all from his works White Noise, Atlas and Oscurana, in the spaces of the Belle de Mai wasteland. Between his tormented journeys, his night wanderings, the photographer of Marseille origin has built a universe where beauty and chaos are intertwined. The universe he photographs, films and stages, like a tireless witness of the night and the addictions it arouses. But also as an actor who shares, lives and integrates risk for his own project.

Thus, darkness, sex and drugs are the daily life of this photographer, this artist, who knows how to put himself in danger to compose and offer the work of his life.




ATLAS, WHITE NOISE, OSCURANA,Photographs and video of Antoine d’Agata

Belle de Mai wasteland

41 Rue Jobin, 13003 Marseille

From December 8, 2018 to January 13, 2019