#Last Days: Haute Dentelle for Haute Couture
Lili Tisseyre

#CALAIS While Fashion week will soon break out in the streets of the capital, as each street corner will turn into a showcase, you have a few days left to catch up on your lacks in lace and become unbeatable on its attributes. Its presence in fashion is at the very least fluctuating. It is found in overabundance in some years or camouflaged, almost embroidered under the impulse of the evolution of aesthetic canons.

Until January 6, the Cité de la Dentelle et de la Mode is offering a sumptuous exhibition on this art, this centuries-old tradition and its place on the fashion scene around the world. From Schiapparelli to Christian Dior, from Balenciaga to Martin Margiella. The scenography of “Haute Dentelle” takes a very contemporary look at the uses of this exceptional material, so familiar, even everyday, and yet so little known. The exhibition highlights these fine cotton arabesques that have become ambitious sculptures, an inexhaustible source of inspiration that goes far beyond the boundaries of fashion.

65 models from 14 internationally renowned fashion houses from Chanel to Valentino: the selection of creations underlines the relationship between fashion houses and lace, in time and style and the scenography gives a large place to this double creativity, this dialogue that is established between the two: fashion house and lace house. It also offers, a rare thing, by a game of screen saver (windows without glass), the possibility, for visitors, to approach quite exceptional pieces and to grasp all their complexity both in form and in their apparent fragility.


High Lace

City of Lace and Fashion

135 Quai du Commerce

62100 Calais