Street Photography: the Take 5 collective settles in Toulon
Marlène Pegliasco

#TOULON Initiated by the photographer Gérard Dubois Take 5 – Street Photography is an exhibition that pays tribute to street photography. The street, the city, city life, with its arteries and shops, its inhabitants and passers-by, with its lights, its architecture, its verticality and its horizontality. The urban space inspires and it is five photographers who give us a glimpse of their unique perspective, Cédric Roux,Thomas Richaudeau, Cyril Abad, Rudy Boyer and Gérard Dubois compose the Take 5 collective and answer the question: “What is street photography for you? Five photographers, five writings, five places but always with the same sensitivity to take the pulse of a world rich in emotions.

When the sea meets the city…

Cédric Roux lives in Paris. His photographs taken at various locations cross the hours of the day. We follow the impact of natural and artificial light in the “City of Light”. Strong contrasts and sharp colours give rise to solitary images that oppose the fullness of Thomas Richaudeau’s clichés. The photographer chose to flee the city to head for the beach. The tightly framed images are tinted with pastel colours evoking old photographs, like so many holiday memories that are kept to embellish everyday life. As for Gérard Dubois, his photographs are an ode to the Mediterranean and more particularly to the Sablettes, an essential district and beach in the Seyne-sur-Mer. Whether the images are composed, the moments are stolen, the scene is funny or quiet, the characters are no longer at the centre of the subject that remains this familiar beachfront. Details of colours, favourable environment, the human being only comes to blend into a setting. The sea, so close to the city, is both a place of relaxation and activity, of rest and escape, where people come to show themselves, to entertain themselves, to walk and to escape.

International street photography

On the floor of the House of Photography we leave the European continent to head for the United States with Cyril Abad. His photographs revisit the cliché of the American dream. Through a play of pop colours, it marks transitions with this urban planning where the population adopts antagonistic habits and customs. Finally,Rudy Boyer plunges us into the Japanese frenzy in Tokyo. Between chaos and serenity, the individual evolves in a world with a thousand facets. The street, built and shaped by human beings, absorbs it, monopolizes it, intoxicates it to the point of elevation or perdition. The city does not exist without a citizen. The city is a reflection of the plurality of the citizen. All the time.

Take 5 – Street Photography

Until March 10, 2019
House of Photography
Place du Globe, Rue Nicolas Laugier 83000 Toulon

Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm to 6pm.

Free entrance