Transgenerational panorama at the HDA in Toulon
Marlène Pegliasco

#TOULON 30 years of creation. 30 years of openness to multiple artistic forms, discoveries, materials, ideas, themes analysing our ways, deciphering our social codes, denouncing difficult current events. From memories to the present moment, from the quest to the reconquest, from the simple subject to his subjective interpretation: whatever the medium, the exhibition “30 years and after…” presented until 24 February 2019 at the Hôtel Département des Arts -Centre d’Art à Toulon shows us that creation reflects an intimate, objective, unique formal plurality. 11 artists revealed by the association Elstir present their recent works specially designed in accordance with the architecture of the place.

A cross-generational panorama

Florian Bruno takes possession of the vestibule by creating a plastic sanctuary in which each spectator is reflected. The superposition of pictorial compositions, linked by mirror cuts, forms a very architectural abstract whole. Jeremy Laffon thinks of the city, its architecture and wonders how man moves there. The distorted scales and deamined constructions question typography, space and time. Cédric Ponti uses an art form between performance and installation. Each creation is created after the colors are dynamited on the support. The video keeps track of this mechanism that follows the artist’s requirements.

Sophie Menuet questions the body in an installation mixing drawings and dance accessories. It reveals an opposition between the subtlety of the ink and the hardness of these relief-sculptures that constrain the body. Nicolas Rubinstein, a joker, proposes an installation that refers to the materiality of the brain but also its symbolism. A cave of our thoughts, thoughts and memories, how does it continue to evolve in a time when social codes have been deeply disrupted by digital technology? Alain Pontarelli links being and nature with giant body shapes made of reeds. A falsely idyllic Eden for an installation that refers to the prison of French Guiana, to the terrible condition of men in a lush landscape. The bronze butterfly wall bears witness to these lost hopes.

On the upper floor, Corinne de Battista shows an intimate room where family photos and painting meet in a delicate and sincere inner quest. Accustomed to large-format watercolours with tightly framed frames, Paolo Boosten draws abandoned bodies in suspended weightlessness. Gestural ferocity blends with metaphorical universes close to human feelings. Solange Triger pays tribute to the heroes of our world. The artist becomes the courier of memories of deportees so that history is never forgotten.

The same applies to Johanna Quillet. His shots keep track of places that have disrupted human existence and tarnished relationships with our fellow human beings. Léna Durr collects objects to create a contemporary curiosity cabinet. In these boxes are the memories of four women whose lives cannot be summed up in their EHPAD room. Material memories that will not be erased by memory.


30 years and after…

Until February 24, 2019

Hôtel Département des Arts – Centre d’Art

236 Bd Maréchal Leclerc

83000 Toulon

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

Free entrance

More information about the Elstir association here