Pauline Brun and Rémi Grossin “Shoot” The Station
Michel Gathier

#NICE A scene of interaction between two artists, “Shooter” is the product of their four-month residency at La Station. Each of them is measured by the same space to invest it with its own practice and transform it into a resonance with the other’s proposal Rémi Groussin thwarts the conventions of the show by taking from our daily lives signs that lack their original function. Objects are thus reduced to indicators of what they were and thus reflect their loss of meaning. The artist, returning to the craftsman’s actions, stripping here the commercial codes of the illuminated sign to restore its materiality. Limiting himself to the minimal form of a pair of glasses, two circles and a bar, he performs this autopsy to put the advertising pictogram in relation to his project and what happens to it when its constituent elements are displayed. It is then the notions of workshop and exhibition space that take on meaning through the distortion they induce with respect to their original context. The logo then runs out of steam at the rate of dysfunctions. Sons and hooks miserably designate their tearing from life and the light of the neon lights only shows the symptoms of their extinction

Yet this staging of the ruins of an off-camera is conducted in a burlesque manner and it is also in this register of deconstruction and irony that the Pauline Brun. This one integrates in the same enclosed space the artifice of a workshop with one-way windows, with the simulation of a door, and some other elements – false arms, overly transformed heads – which will become the accessories of its performances. The artist also emphasizes a decoupling effect by linking the current performance with those that preceded it through a projection on a screen that occupies the entire backdrop of the studio. In the same way, the traces of the event will later remain on the site and will be integrated into the process. This distortion accentuates the grotesque nature of situations when, fully clothed in a white suit and playing grotesque prostheses, Pauline Brun engages in contortions that depict the dehumanization of the body reduced to a moving and improbable form when it blends into space. This character is “Scruffy” so “shabby”, “dishevelled”, as a metaphor for this life off the rails. His ridicule or solitude is set to music by a “gnagnagna” throbbing like a crazy and sad melody for a confusing ceremony where, however, everyone can perhaps find themselves or discover themselves. Or laugh or cry

The Station in Nice is an active association since 1996. It provides support for experimental forms of contemporary art. Located since 2009 on the site of the former slaughterhouses now devoted to cultural creation, the 109, La Station presented 42 intramural exhibitions and 24 extramural exhibitions. It hosts 2 temporary residences each year.


“Shooter”, Pauline Brun and Rémi Grossin
from February 8 to April 20, 2019
La Station
89 Route de Turin06300