Chourouk Hriech: Does every time really erase another time?
Michel Gathier

#NICE Sometimes space is offered to us in the evidence of its angles, its openings or its partitioning but it only takes a little bit for all this to flicker as if a foreign body, invisible, took hold of it to formulate it differently. What if this “nothing” resided in the artist’s power when, with discretion, he thwarts our perceptual codes and introduces into the reality of a space the confusion of an image that acts on him in an almost viral way? Chourouk Hriech redraws the space of the Narcissio. It highlights the edges, angles, wall offset, volumes that add up or disburse. The walls are sometimes covered with gouache or felt.
Black and white imposes itself in all its monumentality and dictates its own vanishing lines. The vertical bars and diagonals are stretched to the extreme. Framed Indian ink drawings redouble these images unless they thwart them as if a foreign body were to seize them and introduce into real space this imaginary world that would be its radiography.
Here the place is confronted with the image of an urban environment and a strict geometry but the mirror effects between the real space and the image are as if devitalized by plant ornaments. One device responds to another. The location is uncertain, alluding to Thailand, Morocco and exoticism: to get out of the box, to blur our marks, to create new perspectives, to dare to make holes in reality.
In these drawings, the human being has deserted the set. No escape is possible. The imagination is captured in that moment when no fiction contaminates it yet. He is in his nakedness, this space to be filled as the drawings underline: Open or closed windows in the absorption of light, blind spots, the vertiginous skeleton of a perspective. The visitor is seized by this strange trajectory of a real that would be falsely shifted by the image and that he penetrates as if by breaking and entering. He then becomes aware that if the artist draws at the threshold of fiction, of which, in the hollow, he would only define the frame, the visitor, invests the place with his own story.
In these mirror games, the wonderland is crossed, the figures and identities fade: What about a story? Where is the artist? Where are we now? Where are we? Or, to use the title of the exhibition: “Does each time really erase another?”
Chourouk Hriech: Does every time really erase another time?
April 26 to July 20

16 Parmentier Street
06100 NICE
Open from Tuesday to Friday from 2:30 pm to 6 pm (and much more) and by appointment.
Free admission.